Implementation and Program Management


Guiding Your Organization to New Strategies

When you begin shifting from the way you do business today toward strategic objectives, the change can be difficult. Without professional guidance you risk not only derailing your transition, but also severely cripple your existing operations.

We are experts in planning and executing transitions, with the experience to integrate the change process into your strategic plan. We know not to overlook organizational change; it's key to major strategic direction changes. You'll face changes in roles and responsibilities, as well as gaps and overlaps in expertise within your organization. We'll help align your organization with your strategic direction.

Medium to large companies also need to market change to internal customers for enterprise-wide buy-in. Customer awareness, expectation setting, and regular feedback are critical for full success. We share our extensive experience and specialized techniques to introduce new offerings to your internal users.

Managing Complex Projects

We have a strong team of project managers with skills in integrated and risk-based project planning, as well as project turn-around.

Our project managers bring significant experience with small and large-scale, global projects on tight deadlines. They come from high-pressure environments, from Wall Street trading firms to large-scale programs that required the integration and coordination of several external vendors.

Coaching and Training

We've found that organizations spend significant time learning the process of strategic change, rather than focusing on the change itself. We offer pre-initiative coaching to prepare your organization for the strategic initiative and help you to:

  • Manage internal marketing.
  • Integrate plans inter-organizationally.
  • Realign your organization.

With extensive experience across several industries, our consultants have the tools to teach your staff to prepare for and ultimately overcome the challenges of change.