What Are Graphs Costing Your Company?

Many data-intensive departments, such as marketing, market research, and finance, manually format and present information in Microsoft Office applications. Developing these graphs manually leads to:

  • Significant time devoted to developing graphs, instead of the employee's true responsibilities.
  • Increased costs due to graph production outsourcing.
  • Lower productivity for the entire enterprise.

ChartTool Customizes Graphs in One Click

ChartTool is an intelligent, easy-to-use utility that automatically formats Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint graphs.

With ChartTool, employees can develop graphs that comply with complex corporate formatting standards with a click of their mouse. ChartTool interprets a dynamic set of user-defined rules and intuitively applies the rules, which are driven by the graph data

At the same time, ChartTool is flexible enough to let users customize their own extension to the corporate standards on-the-fly.

ChartTool’s efficiency is especially realized for organizations that regularly update PowerPoint decks. It has been demonstrated that updates to PowerPoint decks that normally took a staff several days to update, is now performed by one person within two minutes.